~   About Me   ~

I am Kerri, I am a mother, business owner, multi-passionate person, influencer, and a wanderer. Yes, that is right we are wanderers, we live on the road almost full-time for work and primarily because we LOVE to explore neat places. Click the link to see a sample of some of the cool things we have done together. After much inquiry about what we do and our adventures, I have decided to commit to writing about life with the hubby and kids, living on the road, living with a chronic illness, and all the projects we have our hands in.

I also am an avid DIY person and love trying new activities. I will do my best to post and share as we can. If there is a topic or something you want to know or learn, please reach out and let me know. If you want to learn more about my professional background, please visit Linkedin.  I do have a background in Hair and Marketing and may or may not reference things from time to time.  I currently run the Hail Craftsmen with Karl and my jewelry businesses Sentimental Gems. I do still dabble in the hair and bridal industry form time to time, you can view more by visiting hairby.kerridawn.com. These businesses are what allow us to live the life we live.

I do have Essential Thrombocytosis (jak2 Positive), along with Celiac. I do not let this hold me back what so ever. Life is too short to live with regrets and obstacles. If there is a will, there is a way, and we make a way for things to happen.



~   About the family   ~


Karl and I met in Lake Louise in 2002, we were together for 4 years, and decided to go our separate ways for a period to do the things we knew we had to do for ourselves before committing to anyone else. Karl back backed throughout Australia, New Zealand, and lived in the Cook Islands for a period.  I traveled throughout Canada, lobbied, finished College, worked in and opened a couple salons.  We got back together in 2011 and have been together and married since with two children.

Hendrix is our oldest and he loves adventure, art, and learning.  Lyra is our youngest, she loves to sing, dance, and play. If you want to follow our family activities and adventures visit us on Instagram.

Friends and family like to joke we are New Age Hippies, who live a Gypsy lifestyle. We can admit we do enjoy the hippie lifestyle, but we do enjoy the luxuries of technology, health science, and other miscellaneous things.  We do pride ourselves on being avid gardeners (when we are planted in a home we do like to work on food gardens), we do cook a ton (Karl is a trained Red Seal Chef), and we enjoy upcycling (it’s fun being creative).


Thank you for visiting, we look forward to sharing our stories and adventures with you!      -Kerri



Have questions or just want to say hello? Feel free to email me at kerri@kerridawn.com.

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