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If you have more questions and could not find what you were looking for after looking at the blog search query, or you would like to know more about a particular topic shoot me an email. I also like email or comments left with feedback to let me know how I am doing. My area of specialization is long hair and hair growth. I am a Master Stylist taking my Trichology Designation (Hair Growth Scientist). I am looking forward to hearing from you.


A little about me (Kerri Dawn)

I am a Licensed Salon Professional with a Business-Marketing background studying to obtain my Trichology Designation and a mother of two. I work currently as a free-lancer and focus on being a stay at home mom who home schools. My husband is a PDR technician and with his career I do not have to work. My passion is hair, and I am always studying and researching; I feel there is too much for me to share in the world with uninformed information about the topic, hence me starting this blog. If there is a hair topic at hand, you want to learn more about please direct message me and I will post or message you in private. I post daily facts and tips on Twitter and will try to post on my blog as often as I can, from time to time you will also find me posting items about my hobbies. Thank you for visiting me. :)



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