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~ My Design Services ~

I have been coined the “DIY Girl” in my circle of friends, I am often asked to make things friends or family find on Pinterest or on their travels. So now I offer is as a service from time to time.  I love creating – it is my Zen! Are you looking for something specific and do not know where to find it, I can help you create it. Whether it be a Pinterest find you found like a refurbished dresser, a stamped set of gardening labels or jewelry. I am your girl who can create it. I have made many things for people such as the wedding or event decor, refurbished frames, you name it.  I work both with my woodworking tools, my sewing machine and I love to paint.



~ How do I know what I do? ~

My grandfather was a cabinet maker by trade and a carver for a hobby.  He taught me much of what I know about working with woods or glass.  He also taught me how to sandblast and emboss various types of glass as he worked in a glass embossing studio part-time over his years. I spent many summers or vacations growing up visiting with my grandpa and learning what he knows.

My father, on the other hand, loved tools, but his nack was painting and handyman services.  He loved to tinker and fix things and improve things around the house.  My chores with him growing up always consisted working in the yard for him our neighbors to raise money for the numerous activities I liked to do with friends. Or helping him mud, sand and paint any properties he was contracted to do.

My sewing skills and jewelry making I obtained from my mom and her sisters. I started making jewelry as a very young child. My Mom and Grandma taught me how to sew at a young age and got me into variations of weaving, cross stitching, knitting, and creating jewelry. My Great Grandma used to embroider clothing with pearls and beads. This has been in my life and a skill that has been passed down from my Great Grandma, to my Grandma, to my mom and her sisters, and the daughters. Creating jewelry and embroidering with beads have always been a passion of mine and a family skill passed down to me.


~ Where do you sell?  Why no shop? ~

We like to travel, and I am not one to be tied down.  I do, however, love to be busy creating and making. I feel owning a store at this time of our life would disallow that freedom to pick up and go on a trip. I have owned many businesses in the past (mostly salons) and often felt tied down.  So, for now, we like to have our wings unclipped so we can come and go as we please. 😉


~ How to hire me? ~

Let’s start with seeing what you are looking for and how we can personalize it for you. I can give you a quote on what it may cost to make, and if you are looking to work within a budget I can see what I can do. You can email me at or call at (587) 434-1278


~ Portfolio ~

To see some creative things I have made you can check out Instagram #kerridiy or visit @kerridawndesigns. I do have a large stack of photos of past projects, I just have not had the chance to post or add to any sites, but if it is a project you are looking for and I have done, I make have samples (just ask).


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