My love for crystals and Jewelry starting as a child.  I have also always used crystals to help boost me in the times I needed them. I started making jewelry as a very young child. And now I make jewelry and crystal kits regularly, what was once a hobby is now a business, my “accidental jewelry” business (ask how and I will tell you). I also within the Sentimental Gems platforms share my knowledge about crystals, the mystical side, the history and the use of them in science. Many of the stones and beads I find are from our travels chasing hail and repairing vehicles for our family business the Hail Craftsmen. To learn more about Sentimental Gems check out the website, the link is below, click the logo. I hope to one day also be recognized as a reputable Canadian Jewelry Designer.

Kerri Dawn Bridal Party Jewelry

Kerri Dawn Designs is handcrafted bridal jewelry, hair jewelry, bridal party collections, and personalized gifts.  Working in the bridal industry for so many years doing hair, many of the industry professionals I have created relationships with have learned I am in the jewelry business now. Since the move to jewelry from hair I have been asked to create custom creations, I wanted to keep the dainty and delicate side of bridal jewelry as Sentimental Gems is geared towards natural raw crystals. I DO NOT have a storefront for this line, as it is a referral based business for custom one of a kind creation. If you want to see some things I have created over time you can check out my Instagram page @kerridawndesigns.

If you have a collection, piece or design you would like me to create please email me at or call at (587) 434-1278.

Sentimental Gems

Sentimental Gems is handcrafted and hand forged jewelry and crystal kits.

My love for crystals and Jewelry starting as a child.  I loved to collect stones and crystals, and everywhere we went I made sure to bring one home and a charm for my charm bracelet.  It was something my dad and I did together as he too had an attraction to them.  I used to just give stones or crystals to people with an explanation of why.  I am not sure how I knew what the stones did, but I just had this inner feeling and intention to give the stones to those people.  I have also always used crystals to help boost me in the times I needed them.

I started making jewelry as a very young child.  My mom and Grandma taught me how to sew at a young age and got me into variations of weaving, cross stitching, knitting, and creating jewelry.  This has been in my life and a skill that has been passed down from