~   Kerri In A Nutshell  ~

Kerri Wyspianski

I am Kerri; I am a mother, wife, business owner, multi-passionate creative, microblogger, a traveler – and a divergent. 

We are often asked what and how we do what we do. Join me in the various chapters we live, as I share the stories and experiences. Being multi-passionate creatives is what allows us to live the life we do. My family does live an unconventional lifestyle, and I do have a superhero ability, and that is owning Essential Thrombocytosis Jak2+ and Celiac. I do not let this hold me back what so ever. Life is too short to live with regrets and obstacles. If there is a will, there is a way, and we make way for things to happen. 

Not to mention, we are addicted to learning and experiences.

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~   About the family   ~

Karl (my husband) and I met in Lake Louise in 2002. Karl’s professional background is a trained Chef and now is a PDR technician/business owner. Karl lived and traveled throughout various parts of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Cook Islands, and he is full of adventures, knowledge, and stories. His passion is gardening; he is always researching growing methods, and he loves sharing the fundamental arts of culinary and bringing the garden to the dinner table.

I, Kerri traveled throughout Canada, lobbied on a few projects, worked as a professional hairdresser, I Highland Dance, and I have a strong background in business, marketing, and the internet world. I am an intuitive empath, jewelry maker, crystal enthusiast, and knowledge sharer. To learn more about my world as a maker visit: Sentimental Gems. To learn more about our professional side visit the professional tab, we have everything listed there we do professionally. I LOVE learning, sharing, meeting new people, and trying new things. 

Hendrix is our oldest son, and he loves adventure, art, and science. He is very musically inclined; he and his dad are often playing with various sounds. He plays the ukulele and piano; he also loves cars and the world of cars. He loves going with Karl to work, as Karl is often working on some very fancy vehicles and meeting cool vehicle owners. Hendrix is naturally very spiritual and very connected to the Earth’s energies like his dad. He has taught me a lot about being present and just being.

Lyra is our youngest; she loves to sing, dance, and play. She is a true girlie girl, and very spirited. We like to say she is a future leader. She often takes the initiative to a fault, but that is how to grow and learn. She, too, has taken in mom’s footsteps as a Highland Dancer. She also loves making jewelry and plans to one day be a creative owner herself. Shes learned the skill of sales and learned fast that she could sell her stuff to make more money to buy more making supplies. 

Thank you for visiting, we look forward to sharing our stories and adventures with you!      -Kerri

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