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Calgary Mobile Hair Service

Hair Experience

  • I started my career at 16 years old as an apprentice, currently, I am a Journeyman-Red Seal industry professional, Trichologist and have been licensed since 2004, which is when I graduated from Aveda Institute Victoria. My experience ranges from fashion shoots to movie shoots, salons, salon educator for Matrix and Davines, and private salon educator (hair extensions and bridal hair/updos mostly). Today I focus on on-location bridal hair services, around making jewelry for Sentimental Gems, and various other small business freelancing endeavors (I am a serial entrepreneur who likes to travel). I have a background in small business and internet marketing.

Hair Services offered

  • I offer on-location bridal hair services, event updos, and am able to travel (will travel abroad). If you have hair extensions, not an issue, those were my strength when working in the salon. I am also a certified WPIC Wedding Planning Member, I am not only there for the bride as a stylist but as a bridal consultant when the situation demands it. I took the course to better understand the bridal industry and its demands.


  • The average time for updos or curling long hair is 20-30 minutes, taking my time.  That time includes setting the hair, polishing, and consultation. Remember I am a trained professional that taught on stage, timing is everything for me and perfection is my demand. I like to budget 30 mins per individual unless it is a set (i.e. mom’s hair), I dedicate 15mins. I like to arrive 15-30 mins early to set up and prep my working area, and have 45 mins before you or the bride would like to be done, I like to leave room for final polish and apply the veil. It is also my common practice to leave the preparation area when the bride leaves so she is 110% unless told otherwise.
  • Parties I will take on my own are up to 8 people, otherwise, I will bring an assistant or bring another trained stylist.


  • I do not offer makeup, however, have a few people I can HIGHLY recommend based on their professionalism, timing, and quality. Please inquire for those names.

Other Salon Services

  • Sorry, I no longer offer traditional salon services. My time these days is dedicated to Sentimental Gems and Hail Craftsmen.  I do on-location bridal hair or Trichology assessments only to feed my love for that side of the industry, which allows my family and me, to travel.


Hair FAQ