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~  Webdesign and Graphic Design   ~

Looking to get a website built, or an existing one updated?  Alternatively, maybe you need some help with maintenance and management?  Or you want to increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I will work with you to get the task done; if you are on a budget, there are options, I cater to small businesses, independent professionals, and small volunteer organizations. Pricing varies based on each job or task asked to do, and the product purchases needed to achieve your goals. To receive a quote, please submit what you are looking for in an email, along with wishlist, any links you have including social, and I will give you a formal written quote along with a few recommendations. Please email

Areas of specialization:    WordPress   |   Shopify   |   SEO   |   Graphic Design

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~   Small Business & Internet Marketing   ~

Do you need extra support in achieving a new level of success, mastering a new role or new skills, or changing behaviors that are holding you back? Maybe you just need an outside perspective to help find your niche and see the opportunities. Coaching and consulting services are both available.

  • Coaching will help you grow through professional and personal development, which promotes continuous growth and strength.
  • Consulting provides advice and brainstorming to create and implement strong business, personal, and marketing initiatives.



~   Tools and Resources Consulting   ~

Want to use your time more wisely, and do not want to take the learning curve of figuring them all out. Trust me I have been down that path more than a few times. However, hey I enjoy that stuff. I am an undercover super nerd. If you have a particular area, you need help discovering tools or strategies to make your time and life a little more organized I am the one to help. I can assure you I have found and played with tools to figure out the problems. If there is a problem to be solved there is always a solution. I am an Apple junkie, and my hubby Karl is a super Android nerd. We also love gizmos and gadgets. With being on the road almost full time, working remotely, kids, and our personal lives and considering we value time over money we are always seeking tools to help utilize our time and our living space more wisely. Work smarter NOT harder. How can we help you with your time or small space?


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