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Are you a small business, independent professional, or small volunteer organization needing help with your web presence or business goals?

m101 business coachingI am an entrepreneur and multi-passionate creative; being a multi-income business owner who mostly focuses online and on multi-streaming, I have a lot to offer. I have owned several small businesses throughout my years, and most started from scratch and often from little to no income. And having been a former salon owner and salon educator for a handful of well-known salon retail brands. I am a family woman who values time and knows how to work smarter, not harder. Work with me, and let’s find your strategy to monetize and see opportunities for residual and multi-stream income AND more time.

To view more of Kerri’s background check out Linkedin.


~  What Is Your Niche?   ~

Do you know what your niche is or what makes you stand out from the crowd? Need help highlighting the niche or seeing the opportunities.  Get your business mind on the right path to success. Hire me for a sit-down and discuss your opportunities and ways you can branch out to monetize.

~  Web Development   ~

Are you looking to monetize, find residual income opportunities, or have an online presence you want to create as an eCommerce strategy, or maybe you want to create a community or directory for members. I know the world of multi-streaming, heck I am a multi-passionate creative, I see opportunity and see the value in working together to grow strategically. Here I will share my trade hacks, secrets, sales channels, and alliance systems. Book a time with me and we can discuss how I might be able to help you.

Areas of specialization:    Multisite WordPress  |   WordPress  |   SEO    |   eCommerce   |   GeoDirectory   |   Membership Websites/Communities   |   Affiliate Marketing   |   Google Trends / Blogging   |  LearnDash (LMS)   |   Mailchimp (CRM)

~  Kerri’s Professional Background   ~

Entrepreneur & Multi-Passionate Creative

Hi, I am Kerri, being a multi-income business owner who mostly focuses online, I have a lot to offer. I have also owned several small businesses in the past, all of which I started from scratch and flipped on my own or in a partnership. I have post-secondary education in Marketing and Business Administration specializing in web development. I value time and know-how to work smarter, not harder.

I know trends when I see them. I have also been a consultant and educator for many projects for both the service provider (owner & technician) and product-based businesses. Visit Linkedin, for my work background, or to view my web design portfolio visit the web design portfolio. I can mentor you to DIY; there is an excellent value in doing some (not all) things on your own.


  • Mentoring/Coaching $85/hr
  • Execution $65/hr (plus product fees if any)
  • Packages are available based on the project.

Physical money is also not kingpin for me, I do work on barter or trade.

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